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Buddy for Barry companion software

To send barcodes to any program on your PC or Mac computer, you need to have the Buddy for Barry software installed.

NOTE: Buddy for Barry is NOT needed if you only want to send barcodes to the desktop programs as these have the Buddy functionality built-in.

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WOW Barry
July 4, 2019
“My hand held scanner yes stopped working. So I decided to try the Barry and man this is what I should of been using from the start. So much easy then the hand held that does work all the time. Plus I don’t have to swipe across my comic books anymore. WOW” — FHawkF1
Thumbs up
June 30, 2019
“This is a great app and time saver. There is a small delay between the app and the computer but not a big deal. Highly recommendable.” — Lank254
Works as advertised & blazingly fast
April 21, 2019
“Using to import CDs into CLZ Music Collector and works like a charm.” — indiebands
Excellent app that can turn your iPhone into barcode scanner
March 30, 2019
“I’ve tries with many app. But this one is very good. Nearly perfect. If I can choose custom delimiter, it will be pleasure to fit with my inventory control program.” — SONYLso
January 31, 2019
“I have tons of books and this helps speed the process dramatically! I never seemed to get an email with my I’d, but can find it in the app.” — Ken 611
Great tool
December 17, 2018
“Works fine for Blu-ray Discs on my Huawei P20 Pro. GREAT tool :)” — Simon F.
November 11, 2018
“Permette di inserire i libri sul mac utiizzando il lettore codici da phone. Fantastico.” — paperinik61
Wonderful App
September 28, 2018
“Very easy to use a very practical in the case you have a large amount of items you want to scan. Congratulations.” — tomaslarez
A Miracle!
August 27, 2018
“Scanning thru hundreds of cds (soon to be thousands) is a joy. It even correctly reads bar codes that are partially damaged.” — A Google user
Time Saving Tool!
August 1, 2018
“The latest version of Collectorz with Barry is a dream. I only added minimal data to sort in my desired fashion, and expand on a few truncated titles and in short order all 33 volumes of my Christian Commentary were added. Outstanding!” — Kate Jones

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